About Anahita

Anahita’s interest in real estate began when she moved to Los Angeles after college in 2001. She

quickly saw the value in California real estate and bought her first home, a fixer upper, in her early 20’s. She learned about construction by shadowing her father who also liked building and investing in real estate. When she remodeled her home, she cut out the middle man and saved thousands of dollars by acting as the foreman on site. Anahita is hands on and believes in the importance of family and living a luxurious life. Living in Los Angeles for close to 20 years, she is familiar with the San Fernando Valley from Camarillo to Pasadena. Her experience extends to West LA as the housing need for young entrepreneurs to reside in and invest has been increasing rapidly. She specializes in commercial real estate as well as single family homes, and has a niche in the blooming cannabis industry. Her drive to help investors achieve their financial goals is what motivates her day to day business.

In her spare time, Anahita is an avid hiker, kayaker, and likes to read books on brain heath and overall optimization of this lifetime. She has a BA in Arts from York University, Toronto Canada, BS in Psychology from Texas Women’s University, and a Masters in Writing for Film and Television from Pepperdine University. Her love for books and higher learning is never satiated as she is often engaged in taking a new class or learning a new art form. Additionally, she writes stories of her childhood experiences, and blogs on health issues as well as current entertainment news and happenings in the LA area.